What are Digital Labels?

Digital labels are a relatively new phenomenon bringing a range of benefits to anyone who is looking to print self adhesive labels. Before assuming digital labels will be best for your business, its imperative that you have a good understanding of what digital labels actually are and how they differ from traditionally printed labels.


Are Digital Labels Best for you?


Digital labels are, in their simplest form, self adhesive labels that are printed without the use of traditional printing plates. Although digital printing has been around for a long time, its popularity has blossomed in recent years. The process of printing digital labels is similar in essence to the way in which we might print a document on our home computer; however there are far more technicalities logistically in doing this on an industrial scale using high value printers with products like self adhesive labels.


Digital Labels vs. Traditionally Printed Labels


To really understand the benefits of digital labels its important to look at traditional printing methods. A complex process, traditional printing involves producing printing places from a film and them mounting this on a cylinder. Various plates may be needed depending on the range of colours in use. Digital printing eliminates these steps, with an obvious benefit to cost efficiencies when printing self adhesive labels.

Digital printing also allows more scope for short run prints as a result of the reduction in setup costs. Theres also scope to produce variable data on digital labels. So, digital labels offer a huge range of benefits, however with long runs of a statically designed label traditional printing methods are beneficial as they are more time efficient.

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