About Us

In a market where there are over 400 label suppliers, the choice of who to buy from and why isn’t a simple one.  There are so many different printing technologies that can give you a huge variation in not only prices and lead times,  but also quality and consistency.  It’s a minefield.

At Labelservice we get this totally, and we try and cut through the jargon to give you clear, honest advice as how we can best help give you the labels you want, at the budget you need.


In this online age, there are some label companies who have forgotten that people like good old fashioned customer service.  We always take a very personal approach when dealing with clients, whether they are new to us or someone we have looked after for 20 years.

Unlike some suppliers, we don’t offer online pricing that often has many hidden extras. We prefer to actually talk to people, so we can get understanding of you and your business.  There may be many other options available that you might prefer, or that are more cost effective than you thought. Basically we are always available for a chat.

We are experienced in looking after the label needs of any and all sizes of business.  Whether you are a buyer for a multinational manufacturing company, a smaller artisan business, or a one man band selling on Amazon, we can help.

If you feel like your business is taken for granted, please get in touch with us.  We appreciate every single order we get and are proud that the vast majority of our customers have been with us for many, many years.


Print Capability  –  The very latest in digital, flexographic and hotfoil printing offers you competitive pricing and the best quality in the market, regardless if you need 10 labels or 10 million.

Press proof service  – if you would like to see samples of your products before a full production run we can happily run some printed proofs for you to apply to your products.  In most cases this can be done free of charge.

Colour consistency  –  do you have issues with your labels changing shades between different batches.  Our colour control software ensure this doesn’t happen.  Additionally if you have current labels or products that you need us to colour match to, this is easily done.

Problem solving  –  Are you having issues with your current labels wrinkling when they have been applied?  Is the ink scratching off?  Are the corners lifting after application?   We have decades of experience in sorting these sort of problems out.

NO MOQ –  According to the specifics of the job, in many cases we have no Minimum Order Quantity.

Proactive Consultancy  –  We are not just an order processing company.  If you would like a phone call or a visit to talk through your label range, offering advice on how the latest materials and print technologies can enhance your brand, please get in touch.  We offer a non pushy consultancy service, where we can identify improving the labels and advise on how to reduce your costs.

No tooling / plate charges  –  According to the job size, we normally never charge for plates or cutters.

Lead times  –  According to the size and specification of the job – our lead times can start from 24 hours for simple jobs, to 10 working days for more complex embellished work or multi layer / booklet labels.

No need for payment up front  – In the vast majority of cases we can offer 30 day credit terms, even if you are a startup or young business.

Contactable – we are always available on the phone and by email.

And if anything goes wrong……?   If there is an issue we don’t take your money and run, we will always do our best to sort out any problems.  If something is going to be late, we will always ring and let you know.  And if something arrives that you are not happy with, we will always put it right for you.