Booklet Labels

Labelservice is one of the UKs leading suppliers of all kinds of booklet and coupon labels. Booklet labels provide a convenient and stylish way to accommodate and display extra content on certain types of products. A booklet label that is poorly designed or printed on low quality may fail to catch the attention of its intended audience, we advise businesses to carefully vet prospective label providers to ensure that you only work with the best. By choosing to work with Labelservice today, your company will be in a better position to gain more from your labeling strategy. Our booklet labels have made a name for themselves in the UK and other markets because they are professionally custom designed with you and printed on high quality material. There are, however, many different construction and printing options available for these products.

What are their uses?

Leaflet and booklet labels are used to give your customers information on the product they are buying, or promotional information about your business, but where there are size and space constraints on the product. These are completely bespoke, and manufactured to your specification.

Booklet labels can be used for content such as product instructions, contents or warning and safety information. If you are shipping or selling your product overseas, we provide multi-lingual labels which allow you to feature the information in every language, saving you the costs of ordering different packaging for each country. As well as product information, label booklets are widely used for on pack promotions. We can supply custom made constructions, any size, shape and colour that match your brand precisely. Extra features like collectables or removable stickers, or perforated coupons can be added, as well as options such as scratch and sniff inks.

Bespoke Coupon Label Designs

Our dedicated team of designers and print experts are ready to go the extra mile to ensure that the sales or promotional information that you want displayed catches the attention of your prospective customers. We take pride in hosting a very rich online portfolio with over 4,000 labels.

Different Types of booklet labels

Booklet and Coupon labels are known by various names even though the objective is always the same i.e. to accommodate extra content for the product user.

Booklet labels effectively have multiple pages, which allow companies to include more information on the packaging of their product than on single sided labels. This is why these labels can be referred to as multi page labels aswell as booklet labels.

Another popular variation is the concertina label, which also has multiple pages but the booklet folds out. These are great for companies that want to make reading the content a little easier.

Multi Page Labels

Some of the popular names include Leaflet Labels, Expanded Content Labels, Multi-Panel Labels, Extended Content Labels, Multi-Ply Labels, Page Labels, and Pamphlet Labels. Multi page labels are particularly indispensable when labeling products that require mandatory legislative regulatory information, multilingual content, usage instructions, license holder details and warnings in addition to the basic product information that can easily fit in a standard self adhesive label.

On Pack Promotional Labels

Booklet and Coupon label products can be used to leverage your overall marketing strategy. Multi page booklet labels are commonly used by businesses to include information about special offers, promotions and campaigns. Whether you are stepping up your sales campaign or creating awareness about a new product, a multi page booklet label is the perfect vehicle to convey your sales message to the customers. With our state of the art printing presses and a dedicated team of highly experienced and talented print experts, we can supply booklet labels of any type, shape and colour today!

Printing Methods

As well as supplying long run work for full production orders, the latest technology now means booklet labels can be printed digitally. Previously, short runs of booklet labels could be price prohibitive, whilst multi sort runs would require the use of printing plates costing hundreds of pounds. Digital technology means that there are now no minimum order quantities, so for the first time booklet labels are suitable for product launches, smaller batches and multiple product work.

The power of digital has also opened up a world of promotional possibilities for booklet labels. The ability to add variable data and imagery to one or all of the printable pages is proving extremely popular with marketing houses and advertising agencies. Unique coding such as winning numbers can be printed for marketing campaigns, with added security features such as scratch off panels.

Our Service

We supply to all industries: food, chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and clinical trials, healthcare, medical devices and promotional and media.

All of our products are backed up with customer service that is second to none, and we pride ourselves on the loyalty of our customer base. Contact Labelservice today for advice, free of charge samples or a quotation on your work.