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About Food and Drink Labels

Labelservice is one of the UKs premier manufacturers and suppliers of food labels, serving a wide range of businesses in the food and beverage industries. Labelservice is one of the UKs premier suppliers of labels to the food industry. From primary product labelling to identification and barcoding, you will not find a wider range of food labels from a single source.

We deal with large food manufacturers and retailers, as well as specialist artisan producers, high street multiples and small local producers.

At Labelservice, we understand the competitive nature of marketing food products and beverages, we have perfected our food label printing expertise by constantly researching about consumer preferences and market trends to enable us to supply you with bespoke food and drinks labels that will make your product look stylish and appealing to customers.

We Offer Food Labels For A Number Of Products

The range of products we offer include food labels for bakeries, sandwich manufacturers, health foods and nutritional supplements, confectionery and sweet makers, dairies, meat packers and bottling plants. Labels for cheese, desserts, preserves and spreads and oils and sauces. We supply labels for bottles, jars and packets, suitable for storage in ambient, chilled or frozen conditions. We also supply labels with adhesives suitable for direct food labelling.

There is a significant amount of change with legislation in food labels in the UK today. Food safety labels need to be clearly displayed on food to show safe handling instructions, how to store raw meat and cooking instructions. We provide food safety labels to a number of food manufacturers in the UK today.

The traffic light system on food is also a fairly recent introduction in the UK. The system allows consumers to easily identify the good and bad content within food to ensure they have a healthy diet. Traffic light food labelling is a procedure that most food manufacturers in the UK need to be aware of. If you have specific questions about the traffic light system then please call us.

Our food labels are suitable for application by hand or machine, with filmic backing for high speed label applicators. They are also suitable for subsequent overprinting by thermal transfer for information such as use by dates and batch codes.

Different Uses of Printed Food Labels

Are you looking to print food labels? We pride ourselves as being one of the leading food label printers in the UK. We can supply bespoke printed work in up to 10 colours. Additional decorative features such as spot and textured varnishes, both matt and gloss, foiling and embossing can be added.

As well as product labels, we can also supply tamper seals on a range of different materials, either printed or plain. Despatch and shipping labels, product identification and outer box labelling can also be catered for.

Should you have a product that requires more than one label, for instance a front, back and lid label, we can supply custom multi part sets this will save the costs of having to purchase several different labels. We also have the facility to taper your artwork, should you be utilizing a tub or bottle that required a curvature.

Should space be an issue, we can offer peel and reveal constructions and booklet and leaflet labels. These are perfect for ingredients and nutritional information, or recipe suggestions.

We also offer highly personalised food labelling products, so customers can easily add customized graphics, text, variable data, serial numbers etc.

Different Uses of Drinks Labels

Labelservice is a leading drinks labels manufacturer in the UK. There are three main types of drinks labels that are manufactured; wine labels, bottled soft drinks labels, and beer labels. We have 25 years experience in producing drinks labels, whether they be for short or long runs, we can custom your order to your requirements.

Food & Drink Label Printing Process

Depending on the preference of our customers, food and drinks labels can be printed on a wide variety of materials. We always use superior quality materials that are certified for food and drinks labelling. Labelservice specialises in manufacturing bespoke, elegant, and cost effective food labels of all sizes, shape and colour.

Labelservice can cater for long or short run food label work. Flexographic presses can produce large production runs at high speed, whilst the latest in digital technology is suitable for short run or multi sort orders.

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Please, feel free to browse through our extensive online gallery of food and drinks labels. We boast of over 4000 labels online that you can view to inspire design ideas. You can also contact us for a free consultation if you have a unique label requirement and we willl be more than happy to share our expert opinion with you.