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About Homeopathy and Cosmetics Labels

Leading Cosmetic Label Printers

Labelservice are major labelling suppliers to the cosmetics, beauty and homeopathy industry. We have 25 years experience in supplying custom printed bespoke labels to both small and large manufacturers.

Among our vast range of products you will find the right label for your goods. We use different types of materials so that you can have that authentic look ensuring that the label represents your brand. The materials that we use for labels range from an antique look to a clear background label that will make only the print or image of the label visible on your product.

About our Service

Our labels are available on a wide range of different papers and filmic materials. We can supply several antique papers for an organic, untreated look. Or we can supply high gloss materials for a sleek, modern appearance. Clear materials are also available for a no label look.

You might want your product to stand out from the rest on the shop shelves and we can help this happen with our decorative cosmetic labels. This will give your brand a real specialist look that will instantly catch the eye of the consumer. We are experts at knowing what our customers need when it comes to different size products and even when it comes to different size orders.

Types of Cosmetic Product Labels

There are a number of more popular cosmetic products that labels are manufactured for. We have years of experience in supplying labels for essential oils, moisturisers, foundations, balms, lotions, soaps, hand creams, gels and candles. However labels for candles, soap labels and candle warning labels are the three most popular products that we manufacture.


All of our cosmetic labels are waterproof and oil resistant, and we can offer matt or gloss laminations. Additional decorative features such as foiling and embossing can be added, whilst other aesthetic enhancements include spot or textured varnishes.

Because we are providing you with labels for cosmetic and homeopathic products we know that the labels you will need must be of special quality. You will need labels that do not peel off the bottle if it gets wet or some of the products content gets on the label. For example if you need labels for your bath or shower gel branding then you need labels on packaging that can be left in the bathroom. Our labels are manufactured to resist against any spillage of oil based products that might be used in homeopathy.

About the label format

Labelservice understands the demands of the ever changing legislation that governs cosmetics labelling, and also the space restrictions on small containers. To this end we supply custom peel and reveal labels. These innovative labels offer two or even three layers, giving you several printable surfaces. If you require more space still, we can also offer label booklets or concertina leaflets, which are especially useful if you are shipping your products overseas and require a single label that offers a multi lingual solution.

Cosmetic Label Printing Process

The latest digital technology provides smaller producers with the ability to order small and multi sort runs. Full colour printing can give you retail quality labels, but with no minimum order quantity and zero plate and origination costs. We can also offer press proofs for photo shoots or product testing, prior to placing a full production order.

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All of our products are backed up with customer service that is second to none, and we pride ourselves on the loyalty of our customer base. Contact Labelservice today for advice, free of charge samples or a quotation on your work.