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About Peel and Reveal Labels Range

Peel and Reveal labels from Labelservice are one of the fastest growing and popular products in the industry. Peel and reveal labels are multi layer constructions that offer multiple printed pages on a single label.

There are many reasons why peel and reveal labels are needed. The first is for where there is a requirement for additional copy such as ingredients, safety or compliance information or multi lingual instructions, but there is not enough space on the product to fit this onto a single label. The second is for on pack promotions, where a second hidden layer containing a variable code or tear off coupon is required.

Other Names for Peel and Reveal Labels

Peel and Reveal Labels are just as commonly known as information labels because of the increased amount of content you can include in them. There are a few different formats found within the information label category, including booklet, multi layer labels, coupon and piggyback labels for example.

Multi layer labels are effectively the same type of label, they give multiple layers of information, either in booklet or concertina format. Many of them are just flaps which you can lift up to reveal the rest of the information underneath. These are ideal for saving on space and the can save considerable cost in the printing process.

Piggy back labels are slightly different in that they consist of two or three separate parts of the label. For example, the main label can be stuck on a parcel or envelope but then a part of that label can be removed and placed on another item. These are common in postage situations, such as from Amazon or if you are sending a package recorded delivery. You can view our piggy back labels range here.

You can have a promotional code hidden in one of our multi sort peel and reveal labels that will be unique to each single product. This is a great way to encourage sales and customer loyalty to your brand.

We are one of the only companies that can offer two and three page peel and reveal labels, the latter offering up to five printed pages. Many customers are finding this to be a far more cost effective option for multi layer labelling than a booklet or leaflet.

Why Choose Labelservice for all your labelling needs

All of our labels are backed up with customer service that is second to none, and we pride ourselves on the loyalty of our customer base. Contact Labelservice today for advice on your Peel and Reveal Labels, free of charge samples or a quotation on your work.