Wall Stickers for Commercial and Decorative Use

Wall Stickers for Commercial and Decorative Use

Wall stickers are a versatile form of digital labels as they can be used both in the home and in a commercial setting. In households they work well for decorating specific rooms and adding some personality to your interior design. They are most commonly used in children’s rooms and nurseries. Children and parents alike can enjoy adorning the colourful walls with playful images and your child’s favourite cartoon characters, which are sure to brighten up their day.

Or for more creative individuals who want their living room to make a unique statement, you can have wall decals that complement certain areas of the room like a border above the fireplace. Alternatively they can be viewed as a piece of artwork and you can display an innovative design anywhere in the house.

 This versatile form of self adhesive digital label is also useful in retail stores. They can display the company name or logo throughout the store, define specific departments such as men’s fashion, shoes or toys and they can also display special promotions. The latter in particular is a popular commercial use for wall stickers as they contribute to the successful performance of a business. Especially during sale season in January, retail stores like to cover multiple areas of their store with red ‘sale’ signs as it excites customers and draws people in.


Labelservice Produce Custom Made Wall Stickers and Digital Labels

Whether you’re looking to revamp the current design of your home or create a more brand specific, welcoming environment for your retail customers, wall stickers are a great tool to use. The special adhesive that is used ensures that no glue marks or residue is left behind if removed and can be easily applied.

 For premium quality wall decals contact Labelservice. They aim to provide not only fine designed digital labels but also first class customer service. You can work directly with a member of their team to help create the specific wall sticker you’re looking for. You have control over your budget, the amount produced and the overall design; down to the size, words, images and colours used.

 Call 01344 636450 to find out more about Labelservice’s digital label and wall sticker products.