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Labelservice are proud to launch our new range of digitally embellished labels.  Now you can have beautifully decorative labels for your high end products, with features such as foiling, spot varnishing and embossing, but without the need for expensive tooling and printing plates.  Additionally, because there is zero set up time, the cost of the labels themselves is less than you may be used to paying.

Digital Foiling

Our range of available foils currently include gloss and satin gold, gloss and satin silver, rose gold and copper.  We also have two special holographic options.  Most label companies charge several hundreds of pounds for each plate, with our digital foiling process there are zero plates.

Digital Spot Varnishing

Adding a specific area of gloss onto an overall matt label can be incredibly striking, giving your brand real shelf appeal.  Other label companies will charge extra for this – we will not charge an extra penny.

Digital Embossing

Embossing is a very popular method of adding high build ink to certain text or imagery – adding real high end value to your labels. However it is normally extremely costly, with printing plates costing several hundred pounds. Additionally the traditional embossing process greatly slows the printing down, adding considerably to the cost of your labels.  Our digital embossing prints at the same speed as a standard label, thus you will not be penalised for this beautiful feature.


Printed Proofs available
For the first time ever it is now possible to provide printed proofs which show one or all of the above embellishments.  Because in the past tooling has been required to add the special feature, notwithstanding the press time to produce them, it has not been viable to provide printed samples without incurring ridiculous cost.  Thanks to our new digital plateless printing we can now offer hard copy samples with foiling, spot varnishing and embossing, for a very small charge.

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Why do my labels need embellishments?  

In an ever more crowded marketplace, packaging is becoming increasingly vital when it comes to differentiating your brand.  Adding an embellishment to your label can add an extra luxury look, marking out your product as a high quality item.


Why are embellished labels normally so expensive?

Features such as foiling and embossing are typically added offline, that is after the main labels are produced.  The labels need to be taken to a second machine and the embellishment added – so in effect you are paying for them to be run twice.  Additionally printing plates are required to add the embellishment, sometimes costing several hundreds of pounds.


What are the advantages of your digital embellishments?

The system we use does not require plates, so immediately you are saving on expensive tooling.  The embellishments are also added inline on the same machine, so the production time is much less than the traditional method.  This means cost savings for you.


What if I have multiple label designs?

Many customers come to us with multiple label designs, ideally requiring a feature such as a foil, spot varnished area or embossing.  In the past, due to costs,  you may have been limited to having the embellished area uniform across the different sorts.   Our new digital capabilities mean that you can now have different coloured foils in different designs, or the embossing can be unique to each sort.


Are there minimum order quantities?

No, we do not have any minimum order quantities.


Can I see what the labels are going to look like before I commit to a full production run?

Yes, for the first time it is now possible to offer printed samples from your artwork – WITH FOILING, EMBOSSING OR SPOT VARNISHING.

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