Product Features

  • Dozens of varnish options
  • Available on all materials
  • Suitable for short or long runs
  • Totally bespoke to your requirements

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Labelservice are experts in manipulating varnishes to enhance the look and feel of your labels.  Whether you are looking for a special effect to add to the image, or you want a varnish to give the entire label a certain finish, we can help.

We can add a floodcoat that will cover the label in it’s entirety or a spot varnish on only a certain area.  We can offer very bespoke effects such as your logo as a pattern ‘watermark’ on the label.  Or we can even add multiple varnishes to the same label!

The varnish options available include:
– Matt smooth
– Matt textured
– Matt rough touch
– Satin
– Soft touch
– Gloss
– High gloss
– Spot
– Pattern
– Frosted
– Glitter
– High build

Please contact us for samples or help.