Press Release: E-cigarette label order growth

As the e-cigarette market continues to expand, Labelservice has witnessed an upsurge in demand for bespoke labels, allowing the company to work directly with manufacturers producing a  wide number of customised products and high quality, complex label runs.



Berkshire, UK 22.10.13


Although the fate of e-cigarettes hung in the balance during the European Union’s deliberation over the classification of these new products, the recent decision allowing them to be marketed in similar fashion to tobacco has paved the way for a growth in product availability and presence in the marketplace, both for e-cigarettes and e-liquids. This decision followed on the heels of numerous demands that e-cigarettes and e-liquids be identified as medicinal products, a change which would have dramatically affected their presence in the marketplace.


Many individuals are finding e-cigarettes to be a welcome alternative to more conventional smoking products.  An essential component of both traditional tobacco and the more contemporary e-cigarette market, however, is advertising and consumer awareness, made possible through labeling that is created and distributed through companies such as Labelservice.


Labelservice, a UK-based label printing company, has been working closely with the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, or ECITA, to resolve any possible issues concerning the packaging and labeling of these products. Thanks to their diligence, Labelservice’s relationships with e-cigarette manufacturers has steadily expanded over the last 18 months, allowing the printing company to play a significant role in the expansion and propagation of this fledgling market.


Labelservice currently offers the following products to e-cigarette and e-liquid manufacturers:


  • Digitally printed bespoke labels, which are ideal for short runs of e-liquid flavours and products developed for private clients, photo shoots and product launches.


  • Flexographically printed labels, which help reduce costs for manufacturers developing medium-size product runs, ranging from approximately 10,000s to 100,000s units.


  • Peel and Reveal / Booklet labels, designed to expedite product exporting and clear labelling

            for shipped goods that may require multiple SKU labels.


  • Tactile warning triangles, which are currently required on e-liquid products in order to

             inform visually impaired users as to the product’s toxicity levels.



Labelservice’s commitment to their customers has compelled them to provide powerful design services for customers who may not have a label for use. Customers are given complimentary press proofs which they can use to find their preferred design prior to purchase and subsequent production run. These services can be absolutely invaluable for newly formed e-liquid producers who may not yet have the staff they need to successfully implement their production plans without the help of a third party.


Managing Director, Gary Lovell, said “We have been supplying labels for 25 years and to both start up and multinational companies alike. In the last few years we have become very good at delivering labels for the e-cigarette industry and we seem to be the top name for it in the market.”


Gary went on to say, “Our growth in this area must be down to our service, our pricing, and our experience. Whether the order is 1,000 labels or 2 million, we can cope with any size which makes us a perfect destination for anyone looking for a label supplier.”


Individuals and suppliers interested in learning more about Labelservice’s available offers can contact them by e-mail at Representatives of the company are also available by telephone at 01344 636450.



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