Agfa graphics launches a range of UV curable inks

 Agfa Graphics are a world leading supplier in the world of digital printing. They specialise in helping companies remain cost-effective and have the extensive knowledge to ensure the growth of your business. So should you require wide-format inkjet printers, banners, signage/displays, textiles and decorations then they can help. They supply UV Inks for Industrial Piezo print heads along with designing, developing and manufacturing these inks and fluids.   

The company employs more than 400,000 people worldwide with its research and manufacturing centre based in Mortsel, Belgium. This is where their workers aim to expand their knowledge focusing on chemistry, the management of colour and dispersion technology. With the goal of their continued production of premium quality Inkjet Inks. Their centre has allowed them to increase their knowledge Inks and has helped them to achieve unmatched image quality. 

Through this research, Agfa have recently launched a new range of UV Curable Inks. They have been developed for a range of printing systems resulting in optimal performance. The company says that their Inks emphasise ‘the best substrate compatibility, peerless batch to batch consistency, shelf life and jetting performance’. The Curable Inks have been designed to produce superb image quality as well as providing reliability and cost-effective consumption. 

This new range has all been finely tuned for extra compatibility with all up to date developments.  They are ideal for label printing, printing on packages, POP and display printing. The Inks adhere well to substrates that are coated or uncoated, such as plastics, papers, board and aluminium. They benefit from being highly fade resistant and have also passed food safety tests meaning they can be printed directly onto packaging. 

Agfa are a leading supplier of UV Curable Inkjet Inks for label printing, with unbeatable quality they provide superior printing on all label areas including barcodes, graphics and small text.