Change the Marketing Message

Product Features

  • Printed bespoke to your requirements
  • Deliver promotional or seasonal messages
  • Change the way you buy labels
  • Offer variable coding, copy and imagery

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You may have a packaging spend devoted to essential products like self adhesive labels, as well as a seperate budget devoted to printed marketing.  If your label is on your product, it is already in prime position to grab your customers attention – in many cases it is the only thing they look at.  Divert some of the marketing costs to the packaging – and Use The Label!

Digital is changing the way people are buying their labels.  In the past, buyers would purchase the same labels on a regular basis, often taking repeat deliveries on a monthly basis.  In the main this is because the cost of changing the label design with other printing technologies proves prohibitive.  Because digital is a plateless technology, you can change the label design each and every time you order – it dosen’t cost a penny more.

Use the label to advertise other products and services that your business offers.  Change this message on a regular basis, keeping not only the packaging fresh looking, but delivering essential information to your customer base.  Labelservice has many clients who have successfully utilised the full power of digital label printing technology, reporting back significant increases in sales.