Stickers Can be Valuable Marketing Tools

Stickers, as a marketing tool are undervalued and under-utilised. They can appear to look cheap and, possibly devalue a brand but, if high quality stickers with a good quality design are used, the outcome can be a highly valuable marketing tool. First, let´s explore stickers and their uses. You´ll need to get outside the box so to speak and think about all the different types of stickers.

Window stickers are a great advertising tool. In a store window, clear stickers with good branding information can be highly affective. Foot traffic outside the store will see this sticker every time they pass. If you choose to use the type of sticker that can be removed and reapplied than you can switch them up with different promotions or information, always keeping your brand as a highlight. Window stickers can also be used as a promotional item at the point of sale. These stickers could be given to satisfied customers to put on their car windows, depending on the product. Driving around my hometown, I see many stickers on cars for items the person is proud to have purchased. What could be better than free advertising driving around! Producing these window stickers would be well worth the price of design and production in exchange for free advertising.

Stickers can be produced in many shapes and sizes, and can be an addition to your already printed marketing materials. Every week or month, perhaps, you send out the same marketing material to households or leave a stack of these marketing tools at all of the stores that carry your product. Most consumers, having seen the brochure, leaflet or talker already, will not stop to pick up another unless there is something very different about it. Something that catches the eye of the consumer and that could be a new sticker. This sticker could highlight something about the product, give a website address for them to visit or announce a new promotion. Instead of printing a new batch of your marketing materials, you can simply add a sticker that stands out and speaks to the consumer.

Another great use for stickers is for offering some sort of giveaway. Voucher codes or promotional offers on a sticker on the product or on a flyer can be quite affective. People enjoy the chance to win something for free and stickers are a perfect way of getting the message out there. The range of stickers, along with the ease of use, can be a very valuable marketing tool.