5 Clever Label Tricks for ‘Healthy’ Foods

Although it’s common knowledge that healthy eating leads to healthier lives, some of us get confused by what exactly constitutes a healthy diet due to the sheer volume of buzzwords that have saturated the food industry. Believe it or not, the marketing gurus employed by the world’s top food manufacturers are creating a wide variety of compelling slogans and labels in an effort to convince you that you are making healthy eating choices. We’ve compiled a list of five of the most popular tactics used to create the impression of a healthy diet.

Tactic #1 : Green Colours
Green is probably the most iconic “natural” colour available. Because of this, food producers invested in selling healthy products will most likely try to feature this colour on their packaging. If all goes well, consumers will see this colour on the brand or label and automatically associate the product in question with healthy eating.

Tactic #2 : “Natural Ingredients”
So, what exactly does this term mean? You may be surprised to learn that the US Food and Drug Administration allows for a variety of additives. GMOs and pesticides to be incorporated into “all natural” products.
Tactic #3 : “Organic Ingredients”
Did you know that this particular term only implies that a component of the overall product uses organic ingredients? As is also the case with the term “natural ingredients”, food producers can add a variety of other additives to these products if they choose to do so.

Tactic #4 : “Wholegrain”
Although “wholegrain” products aren’t necessarily espousing something they aren’t, these products typically contains higher quantities of sugars and calories than foods that do not feature this particular phrase.

Tactic #5 : “Free Range”
Yes, free range animals have had the opportunity to spend quality time outside of industrial pens or shelters. That being said, the actual amount of time spent outdoors is largely variable, meaning that these animals may not have enjoyed the quality of life you thought they did.