Window Stickers for the Summer

 Why Window Stickers Are Popular Now That the Summer Is Here




Window stickers have now evolved as an effective and inexpensive advertising medium in today’s society. The Monroney Sticker, which started as statutory labels in every new car in the United States in the early 60s, was compulsory in order to list some mandatory details of the car and to this day is still a legal requirement.


Equally in the UK, no smoking window stickers are a legal requirement for all company vehicles. However, the summer weather gets people out of their houses and into their cars for trips away and it is a perfect opportunity for some advertising using stickers in car windows.


Complement Your Summer Marketing Efforts


When we leave the spring behind and head into the warmth of the summer, window stickers can offer an excellent medium to complement and boost the efforts of your offline marketing of your products or services. These window decals offer an array of marketing opportunities for inexpensive advertising applications including:


·         Local business advertising, charities, promotional work including giveaways and coupons, industrial applications and asset labeling

·         Media and radio advertising and councils and local government

·         Car park passes, car servicing, automotive breakdown, car dealerships


The Potential Commercial and Fundraiser Benefits


Can you imagine a more inexpensive method of free market product/service promotion than through the medium of window stickers that can transform your cars into potential adverts? Also the opportunity they offer as a small budget investment for fundraising in schools and charity organizations who can sell their custom-made decals to well-meaning supporters to take advantage of a promotional display all through summer. Window stickers can act as a form of badge and recognition, and in turn increase publicity, awareness and profitability.


Colours and Font


To get eye catching and engaging stickers this summer, it is recommended to select the right combination of attractive colours like bright yellows, cobalt blue, tangerine green, orange and bright reds and the like. Complement this advantage by making sure that the potential audience can read the fonts in a split second, made easy by a quick statement on what you want to effectively convey.


Multiple Sticker Types


At LabelService we have a range of stickers to suit all needs:

·         You can have stickers with permanent adhesive and the peel-able ones, which you can peel off and reuse with the existing adhesive

·         Try stickers made from electrostatic self-cling properties that are common in point of sale and promotional signage marketing

·         Window stickers printed digitally are an ideal proposition for short runs and one-off promotional work at affordable rates without a minimum order quantity stipulation and plate charges that are free.