Why Digital Labels Make Great Food Labels


Digital Labels and their Benefits
Labelservice is one of the UK’s best digital labels printers. Digital labels have a number of advantages. Let’s use food labels as an example of how digital labels can be so advantageous. What factors do we need to think about when producing food labels and how do digital labels benefit this?

There are four main concerns when it comes to designing the ideal food labels:

1. The ability to display all of the necessary information on a potentially limited surface area
2. The ability to do short print runs for seasonal produce
3. The ability to do prototype runs for new product launches and supermarket pitches
4. The ability to print on product suitable materials (e.g. waterproof labels)

Digital labels lend themselves ideally to these four core areas, whilst allowing vivid colours, sharp defined imagery, and cost effective print runs.

Because digital labels allow for short print runs, our clients have the ability to make changes, test new concepts and run seasonal campaigns without the cost implications of high volumes of write-offs or new print plate set up.

Digital labels also lend themselves to the physical and practical considerations of food labels, such as best use of valuable “real estate” on the packaging. For conveying large amounts of nutritional and preparatory information, multiple substrates are ideal. One good example of this flexibility is the ability to print “peel and reveal” labels, which can double the surface area of a small container to allow for additional information such as cooking instructions.
Digital Labels from Labelservice
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