What you need to finish digitally printed labels

 The chances are good that if you’re a business relying upon professionally created digital labels for your products, you’ve developed an arsenal of knowledge that will allow you to make the right decisions regarding design and manufacturing of what is arguably one of the most important element of your product. For those who may be less familiar with digital labels, these products can serve as an excellent “first introduction” to your product for consumers who are overwhelmed by an astounding number of choices in almost every niche of the consumer marketplace.


Quite a wide variety of labels are currently available, many of which are designed to provide particular strengths over their competitors at the expense of other parameters. In order to ensure that your label has been finished correctly, be sure to ask your manufacturer about these key issues.




UV liquid varnishes have become the “go-to” choice for label manufacturers due to the fact that these products protect both the clarity and quality of the label as well as the product itself from scratching and other physically damaging interventions. It’s not uncommon for varnishing to be used during ink jet printing in order to brighten the colors of the label on display.




For products and labels that are more likely to encounter adverse physical conditions, lamination may be the ideal finishing solution. Quality laminates offer increased protection from a variety of adverse conditions, including damage from machinery, chemicals, oil and sunlight, among others. Products that are more likely to spend increased amounts of time on shelves and displays will typically be protected with a laminate finish.


Depending upon the particular look you are striving for, more subtle effects, such as embossing and the addition of stamping foil can be put into effect. The safety of your product should always be your primary concern. Ensure that your product is thoroughly protected before exploring more aesthetic options! After all, there’s no reason to develop a complex and sophisticated label design if your product will exhibit detrimental signs of wear and tear easily! Longevity is one of the most crucial aspects of aesthetically pleasing product design and labeling. Good luck!