What will 2014 mean for the Printing Industry?

The Printing Industry experienced an exciting year back in 2013, with technology continuing to advance, each year welcomes in new and improved machinery. As with years gone by, the industry is now eagerly awaiting the coming year hoping to see what new arrivals could soon be hitting the shelves. 

Recent developments in the world of printing has seen the impressive 3D printer lead the way for further technological advances. However, whilst they still remain in the early stages of development, these printers will continue to be very expensive. HP, who are well-known for producing good quality products, have also announced that they will be bringing out their own 3D printer. Thanks to their big name and solid reputation within the industry, mainly for their widely used 2D printers, it’s therefore hoped that if they can successfully launch theirs, there will be a greater chance for this particular market to expand, hopefully driving down current prices. HP are yet to release any details, but by them taking the lead in this area, many more companies could soon follow. 

Customers these days, have a much greater desire for being able to personalise items on demand. This is why our Capital has recently introduced two innovative stores that are offering Instant Printing. This method involves customers having the ability to customise textile items, such as T-Shirts, and printing their designs directly onto their chosen items. So with a greater demand for this new printing method, it’s definitely worth other companies following suit within this current market. 

Recent technological advances has now meant that Wireless Printers are available on the market. The advantage of this is to purely give the user the ability to print off items regardless of where they may be. So far they have only been developed to be able to print, so there is still more to be done to make these printers multi-functional. 2014 hopes that the industry will see further developments here in order to incorporate other options such as scanning and copying along with more affordable machines. 

Portable printers are still yet to really take off, so far their designs have produced poor quality printing teamed with a less than satisfactory design. Looking into the coming year though, their prospects are looking up as more solid printers, with small and compact designs are set to be released. 

Finally, the modern world is now demanding a much greater need to access printers through various makes of tablets and smartphones. Hopefully we will soon see some hitting the market that will take extra safety precautions in order to prevent any theft of personal data, so let’s hope 2014 is an exciting year!