Uproot wines use visual labels

Label design has always been an exciting field. In fact, many of the innovations and fresh ideas that have come out of graphic design and branding over the past decade have found their way onto wine and alcoholic beverages produced in countries all over the world. The excitement around wine in the past few years has led many vineyards and estate owners to brainstorm new ideas about how they can present the mystery, magic and subtle artistry of wine to consumers. Uproot Wines has come up with a fresh, new approach to wine tasting that will leave both casual drinkers and expert sommeliers in awe.


Through a collaboration with visual artists and their ever-flexible marketing team, Uproot Wines has recently introduced a visual “flavour palette” which helps wine drinkers better understand the key ingredients of the wine they are drinking before they ever take the first sip. Although this is, of course, an exciting conceptual idea, the need for such a system is actually quite real.


It seems like consumers always complain that their lack of knowledge or experience with wine is forcing them to base their purchasing decisions on two key factors: the price of the bottle and the design of the label. Tackling the issue of wine education would be too expensive and somewhat unrealistic, so Uproot Wines is, instead, working to recreate labels that allow casual drinkers to learn precisely what they need to know about these specific products. It is the hope of Uproot Wines that these new infographics will become that special "something" which convinces drinkers to buy their products when choosing between five or six bottles at roughly the same price point.


It will be interesting to observe how consumers take to these bold new labelling ideas put forth by Uproot Wines. Admittedly, such moves will likely provoke more excitement amongst the novice wine lover demographic than experts. Considering that the majority of wine drinkers do fit within this broad category, however, such targeting might not be a bad thing at all.


Given the fact that serious thought is now being devoted to the redesign and redevelopment of both beer and wine labels, some analysts wonder if Uproot Wines is merely the first of many wine companies to embrace these new conventions in wine labels which place less emphasis on the luxurious, refined nature of wine and more attention on the “data” behind these amazing gastronomic experiences.