Tips For Creating A Supplement Label Design

If you are in the business of selling or producing dietary supplements, you’re probably aware just how important professional labeling is for your product. Whether you’re well established in this business or are just taking your first steps into the world of supplement sales, you can probably benefit from a thorough and objective look at the labeling you employ on your products.

One of the most important elements of label design for dietary supplements is deducing who your target market is and adjusting your text and graphics accordingly. Like any product, supplements are more than just the health benefits they provide. In order for a company to deliver their product to their customer base, they must first attract their attention. This is where the value of a well-designed label can most easily be seen! If you’re product is primarily designed for older individuals, choose a color scheme and visual design that feels comforting and conservative. That being said, if your product targets younger adults and is designed to improve “performance,” you will most likely be adopting an entirely different design scheme!

Although setting up your own supplement company may seem like the ideal option, it’s important to take stock of the potential benefits that can be gained by partnering with a larger corporate entity. Even on a visual level, the presence of a well-known or respected brand can speak volumes for your product in a way that even the most well-designed label cannot. Unfortunately, the majority of DIY supplement manufacturers working independently of larger companies will not be given the opportunity to partner with a larger entity. Regardless, companies both large and small should take note of their current labeling practices and decide if they are satisfied with what they’re seeing. If not, now’s the time to make a change!

For those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with designing their own labels, numerous companies across the UK provide both graphic design and printing services for companies looking to improve or redefine their company brand through a label upgrade. The potential aesthetic and financial benefits of a well-designed, attractive label are immense!