Electronic Cigarette Liquid Labels

Things to Keep in Mind for Your E-liquid Label

E-liquid labels may seem overwhelming at first, but they’re a lot less intimidating if you can nail down these four crucial details.

Your E Liquid Label should be the right size

Your brand’s personality may be big, but your e-juice label has to be pretty small. With such little real estate available on your e-liquid bottle, you may be worried about keeping your label compact, as well. Have no fear, you can still make big things happen. So, what size should your label be? That depends on how much juice your bottle is holding.

Bottle Sizes to Label Size Recommendation – 5ml = 1″ x 0.625″, 10ml = 2.125″ x 0.75″, 15ml = 2.5″ x 1″, 30ml = 3″ x 1.5″

These suggestions might help, but it all depends on the bottle you choose. Custom sizes can accommodate non-standard bottle shapes, or help your label stand out on the shelf. When in doubt, cut out a piece of paper that is the label size to test on your bottle. It’s the easiest way to ensure a good fit. Make sure to check and see if we already have a size on hand, that will save you the cost of buying tooling.

Your E-Liquid Label should be durable

If your e-juice bottle comes into contact with water or oil, you need your label to remain legible and intact. Not only does a label that disintegrates tarnish your brand, but it could put you in legal danger if important safety information isn’t legible. Make sure this isn’t a deal breaker for your product.  A durable material for your e-liquid label is easier than you think. To get a custom label that will last, contact Labelservice. We serve dozens of e-liquid companies across the UK and make sure each and every one of them has a label that works for them.

Your E-Liquid Label should follow all regulations. At Labelservice, we keep up to date on all regulations and would be more than happy to help in that area.