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High Quality Thermal Labels from Labelservice



Thermal labels from Labelservice are one of the many ranges of label types they produce. Thermal in particular are some of the most commonly used for a variety of items such as clothes, furniture, food, electronic gadgets and so much more.

Due to digital labels’ great flexibility in use, what can be printed on it can be equally as flexible. Whether you want to print barcodes, specific colour schemes, variable data or other customised label features, Labelservice can produce a high quality product just for you.

If you’re insure as to whether you need direct or thermal transfer labels, Labelservice are more than happy to assess your situation and provide the best recommendation. With years of experience we understand the importance of paying attention to our customers and their needs, in order to design and create digital labels,/b> you can be proud of.


Which Label Type Do You Need


Direct thermal labels are made of thin plastic or foil and with the help of a heating element it can print out specific letters, words and images. However its main negative feature is that it cannot stand heat from another source and the ink can become faded or illegible. For this reason they are not suitable for items that generate heat.


So for heat generating products the alternative thermal transfer label is more suitable. This label is resistant to heat exposure and remains of an exceptional quality, just like the direct thermal label when it is not exposed to heat.


For more information on the bespoke service Labelservice can provide you, contact them today. They have a range of label types available for you to order and use only the best, up to date technologies to digitally print them.






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