The ‘Wow Factor’ in Labelling

Labels are an important part in everyone s life. We are bombarded with the visuals of labels in almost every store we enter, every magazine we open, and every commercial we watch. Some of us take comfort in the brands and labels we know, while others search for new pr oducts, scrutinizing labels for information to entice them to purchase. How does one compete in such a market? After all, the primary task of any label is to attract enough attention that the consumer will actually stop and look at yo ur product. You certainly do not want your product to be lost in the mix of your competitors. Once your label catches the consumers eye, it is then necessary for the label to be enticing enough for it to be picked up and further scrutinized. At that point, the deal is almost sealed. A produc t with the right label, once in the hands of that consumer, can bring the sale home. While the primary task of your products label is to attract attention, the label has many other functions to perform. Once your product is purchased, the label s job does not end. While I sit at home, writing this, I can look around my office and see so many prod ucts that I purchased, and continue to purchase, based on the brands label. My coffee cup from my favourite café, my favourite pens, the hand cream that I rely on every day, the list goes on. I depend on these products in my daily life and their brand labels are what I search for when I shop. If I have already chosen the brand that serves me well, according to me, why should I, as a consumer, even look at another product? That is where the wow factor becomes important. Let s say, for example, that your product is a moisturizing cream. I have b een using the same cream for a few years and am happy with it. What would make me change brands? Ent er the wow label. On the shelf, in the store, your label catches my eye. I am d rawn to your product simply because of a certain something on the label. I am still thinki ng about my usual brand but there is something about your label that is compelling me to pick it up and learn more about your product. At this point, there is a very good chance that, havin g picked it up, I might purchase your product, knowing that I can always go back to my old stand-by pro duct. What drew me to your product in the first place? Something on the label popped out and spoke to me. That is the wow factor. Do your homework on your competitors, get to know your target audienc e and spice up your label so that it is eye-catching enough to be given a second look. Yo u only have a second to catch the eye of the hurried consumer – what will your spice be? The humble label is everywhere and what a myriad of jobs it has to perform. Marketing One of the key tasks that the label has to fulfil is to attract attention . Retailers shelves are crowded and highly competitive places – your labelling can make the difference between your product being picked off the shelf or being passed by. However, the superm arket is not the only place where a label can be used to capture the imagination.