Beer Labels

The Influence of Colours

Colour has a huge impact on almost every part of our lives. Because of this, the psychology of colour plays an essential role in the way that products are viewed by consumers. Marketers need to take the time to understand the importance and impact of colour when it comes to labelling and brand identity. A brands impact on consumers can be heavily swayed by colour, font, and calls to action on a product’s labels.

There are other important elements to consider when you are choosing your label materials, and one of them is matching the colours used on the label to the actual package design or the product itself. You do not want your label to clash with the packaging, so choosing the best colours that look good together is a factor.

Red is one of the boldest colours to use in your label design is red. It can help your product stand out when sitting next to competitor’s products. Red is associated with impulse buying, excitement, and warmth.

Blue is associated with trust and reliability, as well as feelings of calmness and security. This makes it another one of the more popular colours to be used in different types of design. Blue is also the colour that is commonly preferred by men.’

Orange is said to create feelings of warmth and vitality, and is also tied to excitement and adventure. It is an energetic colour, which is why it invokes positive, warm emotions.

These days green is often associated with the environment and eco-friendly products, and many people that energy conscious are attracted to the colour. Green is also associated with feelings of good luck and tranquillity. Green is thought to relieve stress and can create a calming effect for consumers.

White is another popular colour because of its simplicity, and it will match well with any other colour. It represents purity, cleanliness, and simplicity.

Yellow is the most attention-grabbing colour that there is, this is because it is the most visible colour when used for design. It is associated with cheerful and warm emotions. It is important to not over-use yellow in design, because too much of it can have a negative impact because it causes fatigue to the eyes. Brown is another colour that is often associated with natural products, and it can create feelings of comfort and security.