The benefits of digital label printing

 One of the most important thing on any product is its labelling. As this will be the first thing a potential customer will see, you will want your label to be as attractive and desirable as possible. 

One way of producing good quality labels is by using a Digital label printer. This method will minimise your cost unlike other traditional printing methods that involve the use of printing plates, and produce a high quality label. This form of printing is very popular within the industry and is a faster and more efficient method. 

Digital printing can offer a greater range of colour palette compared to that of other methods making this more desirable option. It is also a more economical process for the label manufacturers too as there is minimal or zero wastage recorded in this form of printing. Digital printing allows for the client to easily communicate with the printing company helping them to get the perfect designs before a label goes to print. 

Digital printing can offer a faster delivery/turn around time to customers with low minimum quantities, no die or plate charges and higher quality. The main benefits are:

Delivery speed

Because this process doesn’t require printing plates like Flexography, the labels can be produced much faster in minutes rather than hours. It. Is especially faster in jobs which require multiple colour, which would otherwise see have to run through the press multiple times in order to achieve the desired result. 


With no set up costs, plate charges and no film to output digital printing costs can be much lower in comparison. Should you wish to alter the design with the Flexography printing method, new plates would have to be produced each time adding to the overall cost. Whereas this is easily done through Digital printing. This also therefore makes this method the most flexible option for customers who may want slight changes making to designs such as placing names, consecutive numbers or barcodes on labels. 

Image quality

Digitally printed labels are an excellent choice for where the label itself is used to enhance the product’s appeal. This is because the printed labels are produced with a higher line-screen than traditional Flexographic label printing – typically 230 lines compared to around 133 in Flexographic printing. This then produces better detail, colour and overall clarity and vividness.