Social Distancing Stickers and Advertising

With most of the world currently practicing social distancing, many retailers have taken it upon themselves to ensure that this practice is adhered to. Putting the health and safety of their customers and staff first, essential businesses have found unique ways to practice social distancing in and around their stores. For many retailers, social distancing floor decals have become an essential part of today’s new business dynamic. They help to ensure that customers keep their distance from each other.

Along with the current pandemic that we are all trying our best to live through, we now have a whole new set of ideas, phrases and products. One such new product to help implement social distancing that retailers have taken to is a sticker placed on the floor. It’s a simple and effective measure to ensure that their customers stay safe. First seen in markets, hardware and grocery stores, floor graphic stickers have been placed onto floors in aisles and near checkout stands. They work to ensure customers keep the adequate distance from each other and floor arrow stickers help with one-way aisle directions.

With consumers becoming aware to look at the floor for direction, why not add some advertising too. From weekly specials to showcasing some fine products, floor stickers can be a new way of advertising while customers follow the arrows down aisles or wait in line at a safe distance. 2 metres apart means there’s plenty of room on the floor for additional stickers to highlight your specials and other merchandise.

It’s the same idea as putting magazines, candy, gum and the sorts near the checkouts. This has been a long-standing practice due to the psyche of consumers while they wait to check out. You could also put your business name on the directional stickers as a way of keeping your business in consumers’ minds.

There are many different essential businesses that are open and dealing with the public. But we all share a responsibility to keep our staff and customers safe while visiting our place of business. There are many stressful decisions that we as business owners need to be making now on a daily basis. At the top of that list of decisions is how to keep my staff and customers safe. As the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Use floor graphics with pictures and directions to help flatten the curve and advertise at the same time.