#ShareaCoke is returning bigger than ever

Judging by the previous success that the #Shareacoke campaign has generated, it should come as no to surprise to any of us that Coca Cola is revamping this popular marketing scheme for a new release, complete with a variety of new additions that are guaranteed to help propel this particular marketing ploy into the history books.

Essentially, the #ShareaCoke project is designed to offer customers a personalised beverage experience that may be hard to find elsewhere. Although beverage companies such as Coca Cola are some of the larger commercial enterprises on the planet, campaigns such as #ShareaCoke add a personal touch to their products that leave people feeling, on some level, empowered by their purchase. Combined with the fact that Coke devoted a significant amount of time and research when selecting the names used on the cans, this promotional campaign felt as thoughtful as it was polished, two huge bonuses in the competitive world of marketing and advertising.

In the original iteration of the #ShareaCoke campaign, 150 names were taken from 30 European countries for display. In this new evolution of the marketing platform, it is projected that a staggering 80% of consumers will now be able to find their name on a Coke can. Although this type of ‘bespoke’ printing places increased strains on label makers and commercial printers, the results are too significant to be ignored. According to reports released by Coca Cola, this particular ad campaign resulted in a significant increase in sales and visibility. #ShareaCoke also become quite popular on social media, with a large number of beverage users sharing pictures of themselves with their personalised cans.

Although the vast majority of businesses in existence today may not be able to match the depth and development of the #ShareaCoke campaign, numerous lessons can be learned from its success, namely the idea that consumers respond to a direct address in ways that are financially lucrative for businesses catering to them.
Regardless of which particular product a business may be producing, this valuable lesson can be used time and time again to achieve recognition and financial reward.