Self Adhesive Labels With Special Features

Self adhesive labels are powerful and cost effective marketing tools.  With powerful capabilities to spread brand awareness and build the image of a business, it’s no wonder that they are found in a broad scope of industries such as food, pharmaceutical, health and beauty.

Self Adhesive Labels From Labelservice

If you want to benefit from the power of self adhesive labels, then the first step will be to find good quality labels with special features.  These special features can mean safety features as well as features that would make your product look more attractive and visually appealing. 

Visual appeal and product information are essential when it comes to turning your visitors into customers.  If you are looking for labels such as this, then look no further than Labelservice.  We are leaders in the labelling industry and have been supplying superior quality self adhesive labels for a wide range of industries.

What Makes Self Adhesive Labels Special From Labelservice

The use of superior quality materials as well as advanced technology is what helps us to produce fine quality self adhesive labels with fast turnarounds.  We have years of experience in this industry and provide a diverse range of print disciplines to meet the needs of our customers.  We provide labels with special features that can enhance the aesthetics of your product as well as security.

Our services to improve visual appeal include digital embossing, digital spot varnishing, digital Braille and tactile print, digital scratch of inks, digital fragranced inks, digital glow in the dark inks, digital metallic printing, glitter inks and much more.  We can also incorporate various security features into the self adhesive labels including bar codes and variable data printing.

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