Security labels for security measures

Security labels are vital when you need high security measures. They are a visible deterrent and protect your assets from theft and tampering.  They show evidence of tampering and protect your branded products, which could be primary targets for thieves.  These labels can also be used to protect your assets against fraudulent use and warranty claims. 

Tamper proof labels comprise of two layers.  If the top layer is peeled, these security labels fracture into miniature pieces and the word VOID can be viewed, which can be extremely difficult to remove off most surfaces.  Therefore it is evident that the package has been previously unsealed, ensuring no fraudulent misuse can occur.

When these labels are combined with barcodes and numbering, they offer even better security solutions.  If you’re looking for tamper proof labels that can best protect your assets, then turn to Labels Service.  We are specialists in digital labels and can supply you with a wide range of choices.  With custom designs available, you can order your ideal digital label.

Our security labels are of superior quality and will keep you informed about unwanted access, opening and tampering.  The tamper proof labels cannot be removed without showing visible signs of proof, so you can worry less about people with ‘sticky fingers’.  Labels can also be laminated, providing you with complete print protection.  Made from the best quality materials, our digital labels are made to last long and serve their purpose well. If you’re serious about avoiding any financial losses, then it’s high time you get security labels. 

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