Short Run Peel and Reveal Labels

Product Features

  • Printed bespoke to your requirements
  • Can be printed in full colour on all layers
  • Two or three ply constructions
  • Digital printing offers variable coding, copy and imagery

Enquire Now

Up until now the manufacturing methods involved meant that peel and reveal labels were only finanically viable for large runs.  However thanks to the latest digital technology Labelservice are now major suppliers of short run peel and reveal labels. 

If you are a smaller business, or if you have a new product range that requires a shorter run, we can supply 2, 3 or even 4 page digital peel and reveal labels.  Superb where on pack space for important or promotional copy is limited, we can offer a range of materials and printed in full colour throughout, you will not pay a penny in plate charges.  You will also not play an inflated price for the labels themselves as there are minimal set up costs.

Please contact us for further information and / or samples.