Peel and Reveal Wraps

Product Features

  • Fantastic new space saving product
  • Innovative wraparound alternative to multi layer products
  • More cost effective then conventional peel and reveal
  • Available in long and short multi sort runs

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Labelservice are pleased to announce the launch of our peel and reveal wrap labels. These are an innovative new product that are an alternative to multi layer products such as peel and reveal and booklet labels.

Traditionally when labelling space is tight on a product and additonal copy is required, the answer is a multi-ply peel and reveal label. Consisting of two or three layers of material, peel and reveal labels have proven to be very a popular solution – giving the user up to five printed pages.  Whilst being great products, because the production of these can be quite complex and time consuming there is often a price premium to be paid – especially on shorter runs.

Suitable for cylindrical bottles, tubs and jars, our peel and reveal wraps consist of a single layer label, which is oversized along the width.  When applying the label the user can literally wrap the label around on top of itself. A special release varnish then allows the label to be ‘unwrapped’ to reveal the additional information underneath.  Because the label is a single ply product, they are far more cost effective than their multi layer equivalents.

They can be printed in either long production runs, or as shorter, multiple sort jobs.  

We can supply templates for you to drop your artwork into, or we can fully design the labels for you.

Please contact us for help, advice and free of charge samples.