Peel and Reveal Unique Coded Labels

Product Features

  • Printed bespoke to your requirements
  • Two or three page constructions
  • Can be printed CMYK on all layers
  • Short or long runs

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For the on pack promotional market, peel and reveal labels are a very popular form of conveying essential marketing information.  Increasingly, manufacturers are using the label to encourage their customers to engage with them by the way of competition entries.  By placing a unique code on the base layer of a peel and reveal label, then either asking the customer to return a coupon or directing them to a website to enter the code, it allows you to gather vital geographic and demograhic information on your clients that you can use for future marketing campaings.

Previously the method of applying the unique code was prohibitive.  It was only really cost effective for very large runs (ie, 500k +), whilst shorter runs were very expensive.  Additionally the code could normally only be applied in black.

With coded peel and reveal labels from Labelservice, digital technology offers up a world of options to you.  The code or variable information can be added in full colour, or alternating colours throughout the run.  Becuase there is minimal set up time, digital unique coding is also suitable for shorter runs, without passing on an artificially high price.

The code can be added to any layer – front cover, inside front cover, base label or on the adhesive side of the base label.  Additional security features can be encorporated such as perforated covers and scratch off panels over the code.

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