Peel and Reveal Security Features

Product Features

  • Stop Consumers Opening and Resealing On Pack Promotional Labels
  • Perforated Covers
  • Security Slits
  • Scratch Off Panels To Cover Variable Codes

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Whilst being extremely popular products, many clients have concerns that consumers can open peel and reveal labels, read the information within, then seal down without purchasing the product.  This is especially problematic for on pack promotional work, where a unique code is printed that pertains to a competition entry or a prize draw. 

Labelservice can offer a range of additional security features on our Peel and Reveal labels. 

Having a bespoke front cover such as a perforation or security slits is a very simple way of ensuring tamper evidence. Once opened the pack and the code within  would become void.  Additionally we can produce the front page with an opaque blockout backing that would completely cover the second layer – this could be important if the base label contains information such as prize winning codes.

A High Tack laminated cover is another way of preventing the reclosing of a peel and reveal label.  The laminated area would rip a portion of the base label, making resealing impossible.

A Dry Peel cover is where the top layer itself is not hinged to the base label at all, so once opened it literally comes off with no adhesive residue to seal back down.

As an additional level of security, if you wanted to cover a competition code on the base layer itself, we can add a Scratch Off panel over the code.

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