Peel and Reveal Food Promotions

Product Features

  • Printed bespoke to your requirements
  • Can be printed in full colour on all layers
  • Two or three layer constructions
  • Digital printing offers variable coding, copy and imagery

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Labelservice is a major supplier of all kinds of peel and reveal labels, and there are many different constructions and printing options available for these products. 

Peel and reveal labels are primarily required for informative labelling, but where there are size and space constraints on the product. Two separate layers of label material are hinged together, offering three printable surfaces. Each surface can be printed in up to four colours,  we can even print on the adhesive side. 

Peel and reveal labels are widely used in the food industry – where a typical example would be where pages 2 and 3 may contain ingredients, nutritional information, cooking instructions or recipe suggestions.

Other industries such as chemicals and cosmetics also use peel and reveal on products where space is at a premium, often for multi lingual information.

Peel and reveal labels are completely bespoke, and there are no limitations in size or shape. The way that the label reveals can be by way of a horizontal or vertical spine, or kiss cuts in the top layer can provide innovative opening methods. A good example of this is known as a barn door, where the label opens up to both the left and the right.

Where even more space is required, Labelservice can also offer three layer constructions which gives you up to 6 printable pages.

An exciting development in peel and reveal labelling is the ability to produce them digitally. Previously, short runs of peel and reveal labels could be price prohibitive, whilst multi sort runs would require the use of printing plates costing hundreds of pounds. Digital technology means that there are now no minimum order quantities, so for the first time peel and reveal labels are suitable for product launches, smaller batches and multiple product work.

The power of digital has also opened up a world of promotional possibilities for peel and reveal labels. The ability to add variable data and imagery to one or all of the printable pages is proving extremely popular with marketing houses and advertising agencies. Unique coding such as winning numbers can be placed under the top layer for marketing campaigns, with added security features such as scratch off panels.

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