Security Labels

Product Features

  • Manufactured bespoke to your requirements
  • Massive range of face papers
  • Permanent, VOID or Ultra Destructible
  • Security inks and holograms

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Tamper-evident labels are an important means of stopping fraudulent activity. A good example of this can be seen on high value appliances. A unique serial number can be printed onto a special destructible labelstock which will fragment into tiny pieces if removal is attempted. By doing this, it prevents transferral of the label onto another appliance. With careful label positioning over a seal or screw-hole, it is possible to use the label as a means of testing the invalidation of a warranty. It provides evidence of opening by unauthorised persons. An alternative to this is the voiding label which, if removed, will result in the word ‘VOID’ appearing on both the label and product, thereby rendering the label unusable and providing indication of product tampering. There are also different wording variations and patterns available. We manufacture security labels to your design, using a range of special security materials. Applications include asset labels, tamper seals and anti counterfeit labels.We have many years experience within this market place and can produce tamper proof labels incorporating other features such as customised hot foil text and logos, optically variable devices such as holographic images and serialised/variable barcodes along with security cuts. We offer many security labels from stock, please contact us for further details and samples.