PCB Labels

Product Features

  • Supplied plain or bespoke printed
  • Range of face papers available
  • Polyesters, Vinyls, Kapton….
  • Adhesives up to 250 C

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The identification of printed circuit boards is made simple by our high-temperature label range. When selecting a label type, it is important to determine exactly what they must withstand. These include cleaning and solder wave processes, temperature ranges, as well as the types of chemical used. Labelservice offer several variations which are designed to cope with different PCB environments. We are happy to offer samples and specification sheets of different types, effectively allowing you to ‘try before you buy’. With this in mind, it enables our customers to purchase labels with confidence. With board space usually being critical, we let you decide exactly how big – or small the labels should be without imposing any die charges. Single or multiple bar codes can be supplied from a selection of all the main industry types. Serial numbering is easily incorporated, and you may take advantage of our in-house sequential number logs, which eliminate the possibility of overlapping number ranges when unique identification is important. Labels are usually supplied in roll form, with the option of blank or pre-printed versions. For high volume users, we can produce accurate placement labels, suitable for use with automatic applicators. Blank labels can be sold with ‘tailor-made’ thermal transfer ribbons which will enable successful printing of robust labels capable of tolerating the harshest PCB processes. Please contact us for further information and samples.