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The cosmetics and homeopathy industry is a major user of peel and reveal labels.  By their very nature cosmetics products tend to be relatively small, thus the space afforded to labelling is at a premium.  The main job of the label is obviously to sell the product, but you also need to provide your customers with instructional and informative copy, as well as legal requirements such as ingredients, potential risks and hazards and your own company contact details.

Labelservice are major suppliers of multi layer peel and reveal labels for use on polishes, varnishes, oils, lotions, scrubs, sprays and aromas.  Our products can be printed in full colour throughout on every surface, and the labels themselves can feature two, three or even four layers.  If even more space is required you can upgrade to a concertina leaflet or booklet.

We supply a range of base materials including white or clear PP or vinyl, whilst the front cover can be matt or gloss varnished or laminated.  The latest digital technology is perfect for producing peel and reveal labels in shorter or multi sort runs.

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