Tube labels

Product Features

  • Printed bespoke to your requirements, short or long run
  • Printed on PE with high tack adhesive
  • Suitable for hand or machine application
  • Peel and reveal option

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Tubes are notoriously challenging products to label. Many suppliers struggle to provide label materials that can wrap around the tight corners and contours without lifting, or alternatively to provide materials that, when the tube is squeezed, return to the original shape without wrinkling.

Labelservice are experts in producing labels that are easy to apply to both solid and flexible tubes. We can supply on strong adhesives that key within minutes and will stay on the smallest of circumferences.  Printing on high quality PE also means no wrinkling.

We can supply in short or long runs, with different finishes, for hand or machine application.

Additionally, following much product development,  we can now supply two layer peel and reveal labels for tubes.

Please contact us for samples and pricing.