Microbrewery Labels

Product Features

  • Short or long runs
  • Digital print offers full personalisation
  • Special metallic effects
  • Quick turnaround times

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If you are a microbrewery, you need a consistent source of labels.  Whether it is a large production run, or a smaller batch to test the market, Labelservice has the solution. A combination of flexographic and digital printing presses offers beer labels to cater for all.  With runs of a few dozen labels to many hundreds of thousands, on a range of materials, and with fast turnaround times.

We offer labels to microbreweries on a range of suitable materials, including white, clear and metallic substrates.  All of our adhesives are suitable for application and storage temperatures, whilst a range of matt, satin or gloss finishes offer aesthetic options and further protection against damp and chilled storage conditions.

Many microbreweries are tunring to Labelservice because of the digital advantage we can offer.  Plateless technology means no origination charges, whilst minimum setup means you are no longer paying inflated prices for small runs. The power of digital means you can also change your designs every print run, either to promote a new marketing message, or simply for additional or new flavours to your range.  The latest in digital finishing means we can add foiling, embossing, fragranced or glow in the dark inks.  

We can also digitally print full colour process metallic colours – this is revolutionising label designs in the industry.  

Labelservice offers free of charge die cut press proofs to microbreweries, meaning you see your actual label before comitting to a production run. This is also a popular solution should you want a very small run for a show or a presentation.

We also have full design facilities if you need a hand originating your labels.  

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