Integrated Labels

Product Features

  • Supplied plain or printed bespoke
  • Can be printed full colour on both sides
  • Short or long runs
  • Digital printing offers variable coding, copy and imagery

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Also known as carrier labels, integrated labels consist of a base document (carrier) and a backing sheet. The document is produced by die-cutting the integrated label shape through the face carrier but not through the backing sheet. The integrated patch label can then be peeled from the face carrier as it is held in place by the backing sheet whilst being printed. These specialised labels feature an adhesive coating on both sides of either a white paper or clear synthetic material. A permanent adhesive on one side attaches the label to a carrier sheet, whilst a removable adhesive on the other side ensures the merchandise can be lifted freely from the carrier sheet, without any adhesive residue remaining. Integrated labels are the ideal medium for effective distribution of promotional merchandise. They create a secure, yet removable bond between your merchandise and its carrier sheet. Perfect for the distribution of Credit Cards, Samples, Promotional Goods, etc. For example, a picking or shipping list can be combined with a shipping label which is printed concurrently. Invoice forms can be produced with an integrated label containing shipping details for mail order processes. Marketing and direct mail applications can utilise integrated labels for example for postal address labelling. For health care applications, integrated label sheets can provide an ideal solution to identifying or labelling numerous ‘patient’ records from one sheet whilst details are retained on the face carrier document. An exact colour match from integrated label to face carrier material is acheived, as both are manufactured from the same material stock. Furthermore, as the integrated panel label is part of the face carrier and therefore printed at the same time, an exact colour match between the integrated patch label and face carrier printing can be assured. Please contact us for further information and samples.