Gamma Indicating Labels

Product Features

  • Gamma Indicating Stripes or Spots
  • Availble from stock or custom manufactured
  • Suitable for Thermal Transfer or DirectThermal printers

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Gamma indicating labels are are self adhesive labels suitable for overprinting that also incorporate a Gamma / e-beam sensitive indicator on them. Class1 process indicators, manufactured in compliance with ISO 11140-1:2005 "Sterilization of health care products – Chemical indicators", they undergo a simple yellow to red colour change when exposed to gamma radiation.
They are used in the industry as qualitive process indicators for the gamma irradiation sterilisation process. Processed labels can also be retained as part of a quality control validation record.
There are 3 standard sizes but large users can have a fully customised design to suit end user requirements. They can also incorporate a company logo for added marketing and standard print information if required.
Labels can be provided with pre printed data or supplied to end users as blanks ready for your on demand print requirement. This eliminates the need for secondary label application for sterilisation validity visual recognition where individual lot/batch information is necessary.
Gamma Stripe Labels are compatible with most thermal printers, and can be applied using automated label applicators. We can make customised bespoke labels specific to your dimensional requirements for larger order volumes, this can also incorporate your company logo, and any fixed text or fixed design element you may require. They  can be supplied perforated between labels to aid label distribution, and supplied on rolls, sheets or fan folded sheets.