Electronic Cigarette Liquid Labels

Product Features

  • Full colour digital printing
  • Multiple sort runs
  • Multi layer peel and reveal products
  • Tactile warning triangles

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One of Labelservice’s major areas of growth during the last 18 months has been in the supply of bespoke labels to the E-Cigarette market, in particular to manufacturers of the E-Liquids.  We have seen an incredible rise in not only the number of companies involved in this sector, but also in the sheer number of different flavours coming onto the market – resulting in increasingly high quality and complex label runs.

One major area of concern hanging over the industry was the European Union’s announcement that these products could possibly be classed as medicinal products, which would naturally drastically reduce both the availability and arguably the popularity of E-Cigarettes, whilst simultaneously raising costs.  Manufacturers quite rightly argue that such regulation could push consumers back to the far more damaging practice of smoking tobacco.

On October 8 3013, the European Parliament voted for the marketing of E-Cigarettes to be regulated in the same way that tobacco marketing is regulated, meaning sales to under 18’s is prohibited and health warning labels will also be required.  However tougher restrictions on the sales of and ingredients of E-Liquids will be imposed.

As it stands, in the United Kingdom the use, sale and advertising of Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids is legal. They are not covered by smoking bans, but the owners of public places may forbid their use at their own discretion.

Labelservice works closely with ECITA, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association, regarding regulatory affairs pertaining to packaging and labelling issues.

Labelservice offers the following products to manufactures of E-Cigarettes and Liquid Flavours:

–  Digitally printed bespoke labels – perfect for shorter or multiple sort runs of E-Liquid flavours.  Digital technology means zero plate or setup costs, and there are no limitations on design.  This is also a perfect solution if you are offering private label solutions to your customers, or if very small numbers of labels are required for product launches or photo shoots.

–  Flexographically printed labels – if your label runs are getting longer and you need to drive the unit cost of your labels down, high speed flexo presses can produce labels from the tens of thousands to the hundreds of thousands, sometimes getting down to under a penny a label!

–  Peel and Reveal / Booklet labels – if you are exporting your products and don’t wish to have several SKU’s or label stockholding, a peel and reveal or booklet label can help by offering multiple pages of available copy space, whilst still neatly fitting onto your products.

–  Tactile Warning Triangles – these are required on E-Liquid products to indicate to the blind or visually impaired there is a level of Toxicity.  From a single roll to shipping by the pallet, we offer these from stock – suitable for application by hand or by machine.

–  Design – Whether you have an idea of what you need, or if you are starting from scratch,  Labelservice can offer a full design service for your printed labels, including free of charge press proofs before you commit to a full production run.