Courier Labels

Product Features

  • Printed bespoke to your requirements
  • Bullet cuts, multi part sets etc
  • On rolls or sheets
  • Digital printing offers variable coding, copy and imagery

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The need to track and trace parcels and bags throughout the world is a major issue for most postal authorities and ensuring the label stays attached to the parcel or bag during handling and transit is essential. To respond to these needs we supply various types of labels for the Courier and Postal industries. One of the most popular is the bullet cut label. This consists of a barcode printed onto a self-adhesive label. This barcode can be removed from the parcel on delivery and affixed to the POD alongside the signature. The ""bullet barcode"" is now an international industry standard. The bullet barcode enables the implementation of highly successful track and trace systems and thus can bring many benefits to the postal authority or express distribution company for example: improved customer service, greater cost efficiencies and reduced operating costs.

Other products include: Barcode labels – These encompass over thirty different types of label construction that require a barcode printing on them. We can print over 30 different barcode symbologies; the most popular being Code 128, Code 39 and Interleaved 2 of 5.; Up to 7 colours can be incorporated onto a barcoded label and they can be supplied to the end user in rolls, pads, singles, flow wrapped singles or fan folded packs. Barcoded labels are quality checked against industry standards for readability prior to despatch.

Multi Part Forms – These forms are used worldwide in the postal and express mail sectors.They consist of a set of documents contained within a self-adhesive bag, which allows the contents to remain visible. The specially coated paper eliminates the requirement for multi addressing and avoids unnecessary errors. Usually one form accompanies a consignment.;

Thermal Labels – We produce a range of thermal labels from premium topcoat down to economy grades. Thermal labels are important to postal authorities and express courier companies as the barcodes printed onto them are of a very high quality.

Manifest Books and Pads – These are seen as a supporting product to the distribution trade where a proof of collection or delivery is required. These are generally barcoded with a check digit incorporated and are single or multi-part documents finished as singles or in book form.