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What type of labels are best for candles?

The type of labels that are best for candles depends on various factors such as the candle’s container, the material of the label, the size of the label, the design and branding of the candle, and the information that needs to be conveyed on the label.


Here are some general guidelines to consider when choosing labels for candles:

Material: Choose a label material that is heat-resistant and can withstand exposure to wax, oils, and fragrance. Common label materials for candles include vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene.


Adhesive: Ensure that the label adhesive is strong enough to adhere to the candle container and withstand heat and humidity.


Size and Shape: Choose a label size and shape that fits the candle container and complements the design of the candle.


Information: Include all relevant information on the label, such as the candle’s name, scent, burn time, and safety instructions.


Design: Create a visually appealing design that reflects the branding of the candle and stands out on the shelf.

In the UK, there are legal requirements for labelling candles that must be followed to ensure consumer safety. Here are the requirements:

Candle name: Include the name of the candle on the label.

Manufacturer’s name and address: Include the name and address of the manufacturer or importer of the candle.

Net quantity: Indicate the net quantity of the candle in grams or millilitres.

Warnings and safety instructions: Provide clear and concise warnings and safety instructions on the label. For example, include a warning to never leave the candle unattended while burning, to keep the candle away from flammable materials, and to trim the wick before each use.

Batch number: Include a batch number or code to allow for traceability.

Ingredients: If the candle contains any allergens or hazardous materials, include this information on the label.

Use by date: If applicable, include a “use by” date on the label.

CE Marking: If the candle is a household product, it must carry a CE marking to indicate that it conforms to European safety standards.

It’s also important to note that the labels must be clear, legible, and durable. The font size must be at least 1.2 mm for uppercase characters and 0.9 mm for lowercase characters. Additionally, any labels must be securely attached to the candle and not easily removable.

Do candle labels need to be heat resistant?

Yes, candle labels must be heat resistant. The best materials for candle labels that are heat-resistant include vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene.

Vinyl labels are often the most popular choice as they are durable and flexible, making them ideal for use on containers with curved surfaces. Polyester labels are also a good choice as they are resistant to high temperatures, water, and chemicals.

Polypropylene labels are another option as they are resistant to oils, solvents, and heat. All of these materials can withstand the high temperatures of a burning candle without melting or distorting, and are able to maintain their shape and legibility, making them ideal for use in the candle-making industry.

What paper is used to print labels on candles?

The paper used to print labels on candles is typically a synthetic material that is specifically designed to withstand the heat and wax of a burning candle. Common materials used for candle labels include vinyl, polyester, and polypropylene, which are synthetic materials that are resistant to heat, water, oils, and solvents.

Should candle labels be gloss or matte?

Whether candle labels should be glossy or matte depends on personal preference and the overall look and branding of the candle.

Glossy labels have a shiny and reflective finish, which can make colours pop and give the label a more polished and professional look. Glossy labels are also more water-resistant than matte labels, which can be an advantage if the candles are likely to come into contact with moisture.

Matte labels, on the other hand, have a non-reflective finish, which can give a more understated and elegant look to the candle label. Matte labels can also be easier to read as they are less prone to glare and reflections, which can be helpful if the label contains a lot of information.

Should candle labels be waterproof?

Yes, it is recommended that candle labels be waterproof, as candles are often used in environments where they may come into contact with water or moisture. Waterproof labels will prevent the label from smudging or becoming illegible if it gets wet, ensuring that the important safety information and branding remains visible.

Can I print my own candle labels at home?

When labelling homemade candles, it is important to include certain information for safety and regulatory purposes.

It’s important to print candle labels on suitable materials as explained above.

Do I need a Licence to sell homemade candles UK?

In the UK, at the time of writing, you do not need a specific license to sell homemade candles, but there are certain regulations that you need to follow to ensure that your candles are safe and comply with the law.

Do you have to put a warning label on candles?

You can put warnings on candle labels to inform customers of any potential safety hazards and to ensure that the candles are used safely. The specific warnings and information required on candle labels can vary depending on the country or region, but some common warnings include:

“Never leave a burning candle unattended”

“Keep out of reach of children and pets”

“Burn on a heat-resistant surface”

“Trim wick to 1/4 inch before lighting”

“Discontinue use when the wax reaches 1/2 inch”

Do you need insurance to sell candles?

While it is not a legal requirement (at the time of writing) to have insurance to sell candles, it is strongly recommended that you have some form of business insurance to protect yourself and your business. Business insurance can help cover costs in the event of accidents, injuries, or damage that may occur as a result of your business activities.

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