Blood Bag Labels

Product Features

  • Supplied plain or bespoke printed
  • Available on rolls or sheets
  • Variable or unique coding and imagery
  • Approved adhesives

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Blood bag labelling is one of the most important applications for barcoding and identification, matching products to patients, providing an audit trail and reducing errors. There are two stages to labelling a blood bag or infusion bag. In the first stage, the bags are labelled during their manufacture. The soft PVC blood bags contain plasticizers which cause adhesives to soften, so for direct contact special adhesives are required. In the second stage, a new label is applied over the existing label from the bag’s manufacture. This secondary labelling takes place after the bags have been filled with blood at blood centres or hospitals. These labels mostly contain information about the blood and need to be stored in different conditions. We offer a range of top coated synthetic labels, all of which feature high quality permanent acrylic adhesives, meeting FDA Guidelines for Uniform Labelling of Blood and Blood Components.Please contact us for further information and samples.