Augmented Reality codes

Product Features

  • The next generation of on-label marketing
  • Uses a mobile app to take customers to your website or videos
  • The ‘code’ can be anything on the label, from a photo to your logo.

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Augmented Reality (AR) codes are the next generation of mobile app scannable codes, that can lead customers directly to whatever digital conent you require – be it your website, product demonstration videos or images.  

They work in a similar way to QR Codes, however instead of being an obvious black and white code, AR codes can be anything you program them to be: your logo, a picture…anything at all on your labels.  This is the next generation of on-pack label promotions.

What is AR?

AR (Augmented Reality) is a way of connecting to your customers to your brand on a completely new level. AR enables smartphones and tablets to interact directly with your labels or other packaging, then leads the customer to online content. 

How does it work?

Clients download a free ‘app’ on to their Apple or Android device. The app features your brand and is easy to find and install. They then hold their device over your logo or chosen graphic and are instantly transported to a virtual world where the possibilities are endless. 

How could this benefit my brand?

As soon as clients connect their phone or tablet to your packaging, the magic begins. They will be directed to wherever you like on the internet. For example, you could send the customer to your website or mobile website to find out more about the product they have purchased. This could be in the form of a web page, entertaining video which is included in the introductory package or even a live 3D avatar!  After viewing the content, they could then give feedback, join forums, surf the net and even request a quote or buy products and services from their device – whatever you choose. You can also collect data if the customer provides it. 

Can I update content regularly?

Yes! As the solution is cloud based, content can be regularly updated to include special offers, latest news and product updates

Do I need to print new packaging / labels?

Absolutely not, the technology can be coded to fit your existing logo or a particular label or piece of packaging.

What kinds of features could I have in my AR solution?

Interactive content and menus

Film content, produced and directed by leading PR & Multi-media agency Smith Davis

Full project management and creative input 

Powerful reporting so you can track and manage results

And much more, you are only limited by your imagination

All wrapped in a bespoke custom AR app featuring your brand!