Food Label Legislation

Product Features

  • Advice on legislative and regulatory issues
  • Checks on misleading content
  • Help with ingredients information

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With the constantly changing legislation and regulations, designing food labels can be a minefield. This is especially true if your are a new startup or small growing business.

We work closely with the UK’s leading trading standards company, Safer Food, who can help.

They can help with getting your labels right first time by:
?Checking your existing design for UK and European compliance and advising on any changes required
?Advising on wording from basic specifications such as recipe and nutrition data
?Giving guidance on best practice to avoid attention from enforcement authorities
?Checking any on-pack claims and marketing text for misleading or illegal content
?Producing a formal report on your design as part of your due diligence needs

They avoid jargon and the service is prompt, professional and user-friendly. They are your guarantee of 100% legal label compliance in a fast?changing legal lands.

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