Product Features

  • Dozens of laminate options
  • Available on all materials
  • Suitable for short or long runs
  • Totally bespoke to your requirements

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In the past, adding a laminate to a label has in the main purely been for practical purposes, such protecting the label from the elements such as damp or cold conditions.

These days however, customers are using laminates for for aesthetic reasons, purely to enhance the image of the labels. To this end, Labelservice can now produce labels with a series of speciality laminates including:

– Gloss
– Matt
– Velvet
– Soft touch
– Matt textured
– Glitter
– Leather look
– Frosted
– Sealskin
– Weft
– Security holographic

Additionally we have also developed a spot laminate. This is a where only a certain area of the label is covered, giving you a far stronger spot effect than the traditional spot varnish.

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