Laser Cut Labels

Product Features

  • New for digital labels
  • Labels cut out by laser
  • No need for expensive cutters
  • Great for special shapes

Enquire Now

Are you a business that needs to order a range of labels but has been quoted expensive cutter charges?

Do you need a minimum run of a small label where the cutter is as much as the printing?

Or do you often have a requirement for special shaped labels that regularly change?

A brand new finishing unit now means that for smaller runs of digital labels there is now no need for expensive die cutters. The latest laser technology means we can cut labels without the need for a separate tool. This works not just on rectangular or circular labels, but also intricate and unusual designs. It also works on various different materials, including paper, synthetic and metallic stocks.

If you are currently paying cutter charges from your existing supplier, please contact us and we can save money on your outsourced label work.