Digital + Flexographic combination labels

Product Features

  • Hybrid printing brings together flexo and digital
  • High speeds give the best pricing
  • All the benefits of digital
  • Short or long run, fully bespoke printing

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Printing labels digitally has revolutionised short and medium size orders, and has provided many unique label solutions to issues such as just in time ordering, multiple sort runs and changing designs.  However there are some jobs where it doesn’t quite tick all of the boxes.

A good example would be when clients require a short run full colour job, but with a very specific Pantone colour to certain areas of the design, such as a corporate logo.

Another example may be where the order itself is a high volume run,  meaning that traditional digital printing would be a lot more expensive, but where there is an element of personalization is required such as a name change or a unique code.

The latest hybrid presses mean that Labelservice can now supply combination labels, giving clients the best of both worlds.  The speed of print means you can now achieve the price point that you need for longer production runs whilst also enjoying the many benefits of digital printing.

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